—– ELEMENT24 —–



The watches have been designed to be subtle & unobtrusive but feel intrinsically special.  We want the watches to be a joy to own.

The face is extremely clear, reading differently according to the light available.  Sometimes it looks bold and crisp, at other times remaining subtle and refined.

The colour palette is deliberately narrow. Different tones of grey have been used throughout allowing time to be the focus.


The simple design of the watches means choosing the right materials is really important.  Materials give character, but also tactility to the design.  When you pick them up the weight feels right, reassuringly heavy for such a thin profile.

We have drawn a line in the sand choosing 316L stainless steel for the case and sapphire for the crystal; two examples where we have specified materials which will outperform.


The main case and clasp hardware are available in a choice of three finishes; Matte stainless steel, Matte PVD Gray stainless steel or Polished PVD Gold stainless steel. PVD, or Physical Vapour Deposition, is a high quality, high-tech chemical coating that is uniform and won’t wear off.

The faces are painted with a matte finish to compliment the case. Light Gray for the matte stainless, dark grey for PVD Gray and black for PVD Gold.


There is a choice of two strap materials; Alcantara and Leather.  Leather gives a classic look and feel that suits the simplicity of the watch.  Alcantara is an Italian performance microsuede with unique characteristics.  It is a material that is more commonly used in upholstering luxury super cars.  It has a great blend of durability and tactility while remaining lightweight. Perfect for the ultimate watch strap.