More About Minardi

Our Story

The first person who instilled in me the passion for clothing and accessories was my grandmother Maria Minardi, to whom I dedicated the company’s name. An excellent seamstress and inimitable Grandma, she taught me the rudiments of aesthetics and proportions, which over time gave me the opportunity to build my style.

The company’s strength is the “Italian handmade”, Apple Watch Straps, Belts, Bracelets and Leather Accessories in general, are the result of this inseparable combination.

Maison Minardi comes from the courage and passion of Paolo Calbi Minardi, from his wish of revisiting in a modern way the old family traditions, forging his own style on the contrast between classical and modern.

Minardi has made its way almost for fun, day by day, always making different leather accessories, from belts to straps, from bracelets to purses. Appreciated both by women and men, the products continued to impress until when, urged by many friends and experts in the field, Paolo began to wonder if this was really his mission and finally he created Minardi in 2013.

Time passes and events prove him right, he begins to gather support and produce accessories on a larger scale. Minardi increases its production and works towards the online marketplace, and the Made in Italy flies overseas, in Northern Europe and the Middle East.

Future and Tradition

People sometimes ask us how we imagine the future at Minardi:

We imagine it painting everybody’s life, we imagine it offering a new experience, we imagine it transmitting our values: Passion, Honesty, Creativity and Courage.